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Christopher Schatschneider is a full professor in the Department of Psychology at Florida State University and is an Associate Director of the Florida Center for Reading Research. His research interests include early reading development, research design, and statistics.

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Chris Schatschneider
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Dataset: WRRMP Full data (all waves) (Uploaded on )

This dataset contains all longitudinal data for the entirety of the WRRMP. This includes 10 waves worth of twin data, with extensive reading, math, behavioral, and environmental measures.

Project: Western Reserve Reading and Math Project (Uploaded on )

The Western Reserve Reading and Math Project (WRRMP) is a NIH funded longitudinal study on child development. The project has collected data annually for 15 years, with data on approximately 450 twin pairs collected during this time.

Dataset: Project KIDS Survey Data (Uploaded on )

These data include information on family demographics, home environment, health information, child diet and nutrition, BRIEF, SWAN, all at the item level. This is cross-sectional data. Data can be linked to other Project KIDS data through the PK_ID variable.

Project: Reading for Understanding Initiative (Uploaded on )

Overarching Project Goals:

Project: LDbase Integrated Dataset (Uploaded on )

This project page describes the creation of a latent reading score created by combining data across 12 datasets available on LDBase. This variable is the product of an Integrated Data Analysis (IDA) which was modeled using a multiple-group measurement model described below.

Dataset: FTP Race and Ethnicity (Uploaded on )

Race and ethnicity variables can be particularly problematic for data reidentification and data misuse in publicly available datasets, and as such were removed from the original datasets.

Document: Twin Progress Monitoring and Reporting Network Data Codebook (Uploaded on )

This codebook contains information related to the variables within the "Twin Progress Monitoring and Reporting Network Data" dataset.

Dataset: Twin Progress Monitoring and Reporting Network Data (Uploaded on )

This dataset contains information from the Florida Progress Monitoring and Reporting Network (PMRN) linked to the Florida Twin Project twins.

Document: Behavior and Environment Survey Codebook (Uploaded on )

This codebook contains information on variables within the Behavior and Environment Survey dataset. This codebook corresponds to both the parent and twin self-report survey data.

Dataset: Behavior and Environment Survey (Uploaded on )

This dataset contains results from the initial survey assessment completed by parents and twins (who were 9 years or older) regarding the twin pair's environments and behaviors (2010). T