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This OSF Project contains the summary statistics and correlations for the variables included in the study. The raw data is not shared. The link includes information from bilingual Xhosa-English and Zulu-English children from South Africa assessed in first grade, and twice in third grade. COVID-19 related school closures affected children in second grade and third grade. The variables include: phonological awareness, rapid automatized naming, phonological working memory, letter reading, word reading, text reading, reading comprehension and spelling. All measures were conducted in English and in children's first language. Standardized English tests used include the Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processes, and the Diagnostic Test of Word Reading Processes. The phonological processing tests for isiXhosa and isiZulu were designed in parallel by the researcher. The Early Grade Reading Assessment was used to assess literacy in first language and English.

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East London, South Africa
Pretoria, South Africa
139 Children (Age Range: 6-9)
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June 2019 to October 2022