Data Upload User Agreement

I am ready to submit data to LDbase to make the data metadata available for scientific or not investigation, scholarship, and teaching, or any other type of research and research development. In addition, if I chose to not embargo these data, I understand I am making these data available for scientific or not investigation, scholarship, and teaching, or any other type of research and research development.

I, on behalf of myself and any other staff involved, agree to the following terms

  1. Project
    1. Data and accompanying materials related to a single project will be uploaded. Each dataset will need a separate submission agreement.
  2. De-identification of participants
    1. All data to be uploaded have been de-identified to prevent other users from being able to ascertain the identities of the research participants in this project.
    2. Data have been subjected to an additional check after uploading to ensure the absence of identifiable information.
    3. If identification proves possible in the future, the data will only be re-uploaded after adequate measures have been taken to deal with these issues.
    4. LDbase and the Florida State University take no responsibility for the proper de-identification of the data.
  3. Data disclaimer
    1. LDbase and the Florida State University do not and cannot be held responsible for any results obtained by other people using the data to be uploaded.
    2. LDbase does not warrant the accuracy of the data, or its behavior in subsequent analysis tools for any purpose.
  4. Data accuracy
    1. All data are accurate and complete and no personally identifiable information is present.
  5. Data ownership
    1. By storing data on LDbase, you consent to being an appropriate steward of the data and you confirm that you have permission to share these data.
  6. Data access
    1. All data and supporting materials uploaded may be accessed and used by any user of the LDbase repository.
    2. If data and materials are not to be shared, an access restriction option (“embargo”) is available. These embargoes need to be stated for each dataset separately (i.e., whole projects cannot be embargoed en masse).
  7. Non-Institutional Endorsement; liability
    1. Endorsement of the Florida State University of the uploaded data and supporting materials, project personnel, or resulting products cannot be claimed, inferred, or implied.
  8. Compliance with Institutional Requirement
    1. All data were collected such that they comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
    2. All data were collected with informed consent including consent for broad sharing of data. If not, appropriate waivers of the original consent are in place by your institutional ethics board. 
  9. Permission to Post Information Publicly
    1. LDbase will publish meta-data details on submitted data and supporting materials on LDbase, a publicly accessible website.
    2. LDbase will incorporate meta-data or documentation into public access catalogs.
    3. LDbase will store, translate, copy or re-format the dataset or any other component in any way to ensure its future preservation and accessibility. 
  10. Security
    1. LDbase will use best practices for cyber-security, such as but not limited to:
      1. maintaining account information and passwords private,
      2. Ensuring, to the best of our ability, that only authorized users can access restricted areas of our system,
      3. Ensuring multiple copies of files are stored in different geological regions,
      4. Generally adhering to FAIR data principles whenever possible.